October 2017

2020: Launch Events in Ghent-area businesses in February/March

• Story-telling event at The Muse

• Larger launch (with media support) at O’Connor  Brewery

Distribution of resources to participating businesses beginning in Feb/March/April

• Initial goal of 30 participating orgs/businesses by end of April

• Goal of adding 10 additional orgs/businesses per month for a total of 100 participating orgs/businesses by the end of 2020

Initial assessments/evaluations with partner businesses as they come on board; follow up assessments or evaluations after six weeks.

Track numbers of materials distributed, employees trained using videos, etc.

Additional workshops/training events scheduled throughout the summer

Resources distributed at community festivals/events

Early 2021 launch in additional neighborhood/business districts

Late 2020 or early 2021 determine next organizational steps for our coalition –

Coalition initiatives falling  under the managerial auspices of one of our partner agencies or the City of Norfolk while maintaining its strength as a coalition