Reach Out

Click here for the latest version of our Mentally Healthy Resource Guide, detailing mental health and substance abuse resources in our community, updated Summer 2022.

We also have developed a handy brochure featuring 30 Ways to Practice Self-Care.

If you are in crisis, please go to the emergency room or call 911! Ask for a CIT Officer to respond.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.

Prefer texting? Text CONNECT to 741-741. Help will text back.

For the Peer Recovery Warmline, dial #250, and enter the keyword:  Recovery.

If you are not in crisis but need help navigating the myriad of mental health care options and choices in our community, contact The Chas Foundation at 757-489-2427.

Training Resources

Getting people the help they need when they need it requires all of us to have some basic knowledge and understanding of mental health challenges.  How can you tell if someone is just having a bad day or may be in crisis?  What can you say when someone opens up to you about their struggles?  This collection of short videos provides a helpful introduction.  For more detailed training options, including workshops offered in our community, see the list below.

The Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation offers SafeTalk workshops for those interested in more detailed, in-person training.  See their website for upcoming events.

The Norfolk Community Services Board also offers in-person trainings related to mental health and substance use.

Counseling and Treatment Services

If you or someone you know is looking for counseling services, we suggest that you investigate your options, including the following, and consider what coverage your insurance might offer.  Click on the names below for more information.

The Up Center Mental Health Counseling: The Up Center’s caring counseling professionals can help people of all ages dealing with life’s challenges, including mental health and substance abuse. Many services are free or offered on a sliding fee scale*. They also accept many types of insurance.

The Cohen Military Family Clinic, supported by The Up Center, is a critical source of care for military members and their families.

The Norfolk Community Services Board focuses on the needs of adults with serious mental illness, and also runs a peer recovery program for those dealing with substance abuse disorders.

CHKD provides a variety of mental health treatment options for children, and the Barry Robinson Center has residential and outpatient treatment options for children and teens.

EVMS Psychiatry – Hofheimer Hall Outpatient Clinic: The Hofheimer Hall Outpatient Clinic addresses a full range of psychiatric disorders and subspecialties, including the following:

  • Pharmacological management/Pharmacotherapy
  • Psychological/Neuropsychological testing
  • Consultative/Liaison services
  • Personality Assessment
  • Psychotherapy for all age groups, as well as individual and group modalities

The EVMS Hopes Free Clinic is designed to serve uninsured persons in Norfolk and Portsmouth.

Community Psychological Resources and The Psychotherapy Center offer counseling to individuals, couples, and families, featuring full staffs of psychologists, social workers, and other trained professionals.

Finney-Zimmerman Psychiatric Associates and Hampton Roads Behavioral Health both offer a broad range of counseling services and include psychiatrists on staff.

Tidewater Pastoral Counseling Services specializes in individual, couples and family counseling and provides trained counselors who will incorporate a faith-based perspective if desired.