"Frame" the conversation on mental health awareness.

Raising awareness and educating your friends, family, and followers is a key component to reducing the stigma of mental illness. Use the Facebook frame below to change your profile picture to one supportive of the campaign, and encourage those on your feed to do so as well! Show Support Show Support

And if you don't have the words...

Let us help! Click on any of the buttons below to show your support for the Talk About It Norfolk campaign with these these pre-written tweets. And remember to use the hashtag, “#talkaboutitnorfolk” and the link, “talkaboutitnorfolk.com” whenever you talk about it on social media channels!
1 in 4 Norfolk citizens have dealt with depression. It's time we #TalkAboutItNorfolk. Learn more at: talkaboutitnorfolk.com
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Depression doesn't discriminate. Hear Mayor Alexander, Congressman Taylor, Barbara Ciara + more #TalkAboutItNorfolk. talkaboutitnorfolk.com
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If someone you know is dealing with depression or suicidal ideation, visit talkaboutitnorfolk.com for ways to help. #TalkAboutItNorfolk
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